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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-19721972 Summer Research ActivitiesBirke, Lakew
Aug-1993The 3 Groudated of Forestry-
2018Abobo district, Modern contraception, Limiting; Spacing, Unmet needAbdulhakim Nesru Bedru; Tadesse Alemayehu; Tesfaye Gobena
2016Academic Staff Turnover in Public and Private Colleges of Harari Regional StateNasir Mohammed Sany; Sirak Demelash,; Aschalew Teshome
Aug-1989The Academic Vice President's Report-
May-2016Access to and Utilization of Agricultural Information by Smallholder Coffee Farmers in Deder District, Eastern Hararghe Zone, Oromia National Regional State, EthiopiaAssefa, Million; Dr. Yared, Mamo
2016Access to and Utilization of Agricultural Information on Bread Wheat by Smallholder Farmers of Gedab Hasasa District, West Arsi Zone, Oromia Regional State, EthiopiaLelisa Daba Chibsa; Yared Mammo; Tesfaye Lemma
2016Access to and Utilization of Agricultural Information on Groundnut Production Package by Smallholder Farmers in Babilie District, East Hararghe Zone, EthiopiaAtsbha, Tsadkan; Ndemo-Okoyo, Dr. Eric; Lemma, Dr.Tesfaye
Aug-1988Accession List of Plants in the Aua Herbarium with Notes on Herbarium ManagementDemel, Teketay
2016Accuracy and Stability of The Predictor-Corrector Method By Using Linear Multistep MethodMohammed Assefa; Getinet Alemayehu
2003Accuracy of 30-Days Interval Method to Estimate Lactation Yield of Crossbred Cows (Fresian X Arsi) at Agarfa, BaleOumer Wabe; B.P.Hegde
1946Acta Agriculturce SuecanaBonnier, Gert
Apr-2014Action Research on the Implementation of Peer Assessment in Teaching Writing: The Case of Ansho Secondary and Preparatory School, SNNPRSAbera Debero; Adinew Tadesse
2018Active Management Of Third Stage Of Labor Practice And Associated Factors Among Obstetric Care Providers At Public Health Institutions In Kembata Tembaro Zone And Alaba Town Southern EthiopiaWudneh, Aregahegn; Dheresa, Merga; Demena, .Melake
Oct-2015Activities of Solanum Marginatum L.Against Some Pathogenic BacteriaAhmed Fasil; Kebede Ameha
Oct-2013Adaptation Strategies of the Communities Surrounding Haramaya Lake towards Its Disappearance, East Hararghe Zone, EthiopiaSiraj Jewaro; Jema Haji
2007Adding Benzene to Fire: Overlapping Seasonality as a Pull Factor to Producer Prices in EthiopiaKindie Getnet
1983Addis Ababa University CollegeIsaev, V.A
1979Addis Ababa University College of Agriculture Alemaya Course Course Catalogue-
1983Addis Ababa Unlversty _ Alemaya College Of Agriclture-